Thursday, 21 February 2013

DIY project for the weekend


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday was so busy. Was in the shop the whole day to buy my Bestical a gift, (I'll blog what I got her next week or so) then i did school work in between and our internet is weird so that's my excuse.

I really want to try all of these crafts but joh, I'm soooo busy with school and such i barley get a chance to breath. But anyway enough of me feeling sorry for myself here goes:

So my sweatypie cousin asked me if i can do Macrame and unfortunately I couldn't. We tried to figure it out but no success the one I want to learn I want find so here is the Macrame bracelet I can do, I learned the twisted one on Saturday not sure what you differently though think you tie the non twisted one on a stick and then the twisted one you do upside down I'll do a tutorial one day :

paracord survival bracelet

For Easter coming up here is a cute idea to do for your kids to wonder how you got that right haha:
For Easter...It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside!

This I really want to try some crafts with crayons:
Prettier than lining crayons up and melting.melted crayonsDraw on wax paper with permanent markers  wrap around candle and heat until image is transferred. Isn't it lovely??? 

Do you have some extra bottles lying around?? Here is some ideas for decorations:
Recycled wine bottleshot glue words onto a glass jar and paint the entire thing

And if your in the mood for a painting go check out my cousin's blog on a Paint tutorial

and if your in the mood to cook some delightfully yummy treats go check out my other cousin's blog the chef mother
 Tomorrow I will blog on fun makeup for your weekend :)

Have A juggly Wuggly day 



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