Thursday, 28 March 2013

April fools day

Hey guys,

Monday is April fools here is some funny pranks to prank people with :D haha. Personally I don't prank people because it either fails (big time) or I give it away, (I do laugh quite a lot).  Like never ever ask me to make a prank call unless you want it to end up in a hysterical laughter lol.

Anyway may the force be with you to not bugger it up, and hope you don't get pranked.

Happy Pranking :)

and also have an amazing Easter Spend it with loved ones :) and remember the true meaning of Easter <3


Anschke xx



Firstly go check out my cousins online novel part four out today and it awesome :D I just wish there was more to read.

Mustaches is very in lately you get it everywhere, on jewelry, clothes, cutlery, hair things ETC. I love this look :). There is just something about it that says 'LOVE ME' haha. Here is some cute things mustache related.

But first a joke: I mustache you a question but I'll shave it for later. ( one of my fave jokes ) hahahahahahahaha

That's all for now :)


Anschke xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter nail Tutorial in 7 easy steps.

Hey guys,

It's almost easter, what make it more fun?? Having nails to go with the holiday :) so here we go.

Step one: file your nails and paint a clear nail polish over.

Step two: paint your nails. make your ring finger preferably green but your other nails it doesn't matter, any pastel colour would word. (my pink isn't really pastel)

Step three: take your stripper and outline a bunny head oval shape as the head and two ears.  

Step four : I made a stripe in the middle with small lines going up and down on both sides of the line. (see on picture)

Step five: colour the bunny in with white I went over the ear lines by accident. 

Step six: I used the stripper and made my ear again, and added eyes and a mouth,

Step seven: clear top coat.

Afterwards I cleaned the sides of my nail with a ear-bud and nail-polish remover.

There you go. hope you get it right this is my first attempt at making a bunny, so if i can do it so can you! Good Luck. Send me some pics when your done :) 


Anschke xx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

DIY backless bra

Do you have a Backless dress and don't know what bra to where with out it showing?? Here is a simple DIY project for you.

What you will need is a old bra, pins and needles, thread, scissors, and fabric. 

 Step one: Cut off the hook part of the bra. If you want you can just buy the hooks and sew them on.

 Step two: cut the fabric, it must be quite long (you can cut it shorter as you go along). I put the hook piece next to it to show me the width of it. My cutting  skills suck so it isn't very straight.

 Step three: I pinned it to a bra of mine to get the length you can see the longer piece hanging, I cut that off. If you want you can also fold it double but you will need to sew it with a machine then.

Step four: fold the cut piece of fabric over then pin on the hook part and sew it on. You can use the sewing machine it will make it look nicer and is faster but if you don't have one the hand works just as well. If you don't know how to sew click HERE  hope that sight helps you

When that's done this is how it should look

Step five: if it's a little loose feel free to make it tighter. I sewed mine like this, I marked how much I wanted to make it smaller and then folded it like in the pic and lastly I sewed it...

Before                   and                         After                                            

Red dress heart

Hope this helped you this is the first time I've done this and I only saw a pic of how it looked and figured the rest out on my own. Don't you just love my dress?? I bought it yesterday and can't wait to where it I need to go out haha..
 Let me know if you want to know something that I might of left out or what you think of the idea.
Also PLEASE follow me. pretty please with a cherry on top!! I'll be doing a easter nail tutorial some time this week so tune in again soon :)

That's that for today.


Anschke xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sloth LOVE

Hey guys

You might be thinking WHAT on earth I'm talking about, how can I love sloths. they are one of the cutest animals they are right behind Koalas (my favorite animal). I've been told I'm crazy to think they are cute and that I needed I brain scan. But I love then they are adorable!! I want one.

Here is some pics for you to enjoy and show you their cuteness!!

BABY sloth <3

Interesting fact

CUTE can't even describe them :D

What do you think of solths,,


Anschke xx