Saturday, 16 February 2013

cousin #amazing Novel

HEYYY there

Please go read my Amazing cousin's online novel  its absolutely amazing. and the cool thing is you can vote on what happens next :D enjoy and follow her blog as well she always blogs about cool and interesting things :)

Have a juggly wuggly day :D

Anschke xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

parody Friday

To start your weekend of with a laugh here is some funny PARODIES :D enjoy

Ultimate Twilight Saga Parody Mashup

"Edward and Bella" — A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

The Vampire Diaries Parody by The Hillywood Show

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody by The Hillywood Show

I absolutely LOVE the Hillywood show and bad lip reading :) feel free to go check out some of their other parodies.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone :D 


Anschke xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines day

HEY there :)

WOW can you believe it is almost Valentines day?? If your single and thinking ag yet another one of these LOOVVVEE posts let me just say I'm single and I thought I'd put some ideas up for both couples and Singles, I'm not a Guru about this so there isn't going to be a lot of ideas for singles but its things I would like to do. :)

Singles why sit around and sulk at home when you can go out with your SINGLE friends ( don't think anyone would want to join a couple out). I say why can only people in love enjoy this holiday and rub it in your face, no thank you go out have fun and maybe you'll find a sexy single boy or girl with the same idea you had. Who knows maybe that boy/girl can be your V-day date next year.

Two quotes I thought was funny :P

I want to go waitress at a fancy restaurant on Valentines day and put fake rings in girls' drinks.

You call it Valentines day I call it Thursday.

Then for couples looking for thing to do, where, give, make, eat, beauty ideas, spoil the one you love. I personally think you don't need a dedicated day to show your love for someone so remember to do cute this after V-day as well  no matter how small it just makes you relationship so much sweater ( well that my opinion, I know I would love it if my future bf does small cute things, so if your reading this make notes :P)

Gift ideas:
(images come from pinterest)
Milk Chocolate Marzipan Hearts Valentine Gift Box- 16 PcsMosaic Hearts by Concetta PerotNon Candy Valentine gift for preschoolvalentine giftHooked on You Pail. LOVE this Valentines gift idea on { } #valentines Guess this is how I will use those extra worms from Alaska!  LOL.Valentines gift for the kiddos15 Valentine's Day Gifts for KidsChocolate + Vanilla Letters Sandwich Cookie recipe, Valentine's Day sweets #bakingKinder Surprise Valentines gift.

Cute things to do:
1:A picnic Cute Romantic idea and cutting everything in hearts will make it even more special.

valentinesThis Gourmet Dining set is ready for Valentine's Day all year long! #Drexel Heritage #valentines #dinnermy blog: valentines dinner 2011 - my blog: valentines dinner 2011  Repinly Food & Drink Popular PinsValentines Dinner!We like to keep it simple and easy on Valentines day! What about you?Valentine dinnerRomantic Valentine's Dinner 023
2:A romantic Dinner for two :) so many cute food ideas for both the picnic and dinner.

3:A night out on the town, movie and dinner.

Or something he/she likes to do..

Some thing to where for the girls,

 "Valentines Dinner" by susie-cone on Polyvore ABSOLUTELY love this outfit to cute

 "St Valentine dinner" by itsmedonnab on PolyvoreValentines Dinner outfit
I think mostly pinks, reds whites and blacks :D


My cousin Yolandie told me RED lips in a BIG no no!!! Kissing + red lip does not work girls, go for a little lip gloss and a very natural, light colour or smoky eye makeups.

eyelinerValentine beautiful, romantic makeup#eyes #Valentine #lashesPerfect Valentines day makeup <3Wet N Wild: Sexy 'N Fun Valentines MakeupValentine's Day Makeup HurtI wish my hair would do this...great makeup too! makeup


Nails can be all done up with hearts or a solid colour with one nail different can also be nice.

Valentines NailsValentine #nails www.bodycandy.comValentines nailsValentines NailsValentine nailsmatte nail polishValentine nailsAnother Valentine nailValentine Nails

HAVE a juggling wugggling day :)
And for tomorrow enjoy the LOVE <3

Mary's Meanderings: The Greatest Valentines Gift Ever!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013



Long time no blog, sorry about that ( for whom ever reads my blog regularly) I've been hectically busy with school work and when I had a open time I was to tired to type anything and then BOOOOOOOOOM while i was writing this post the internet decided to go bye bye :/. Well I'm back and this post is going to be HIP HOP and HAPPENING. Hopefully I will be able a bit more regularly.

Well if your a Big bang theory fan you probably noticed by the name what is going on :D hey hey hey?????? :D So yes Sheldon is the most amazingly funny and smart person ever :) I love the guy and then Amy came along as well ag the two of the are so cute together(although Amy has a slight girl crush on Penny).

Hope you guys Share your love in this amazing TV show. Here is some Pics :) i got from my Big Bang Theory board on pinterest.

LOL!The Big Bang Theory Keep Calm and Bazinga Mens Tee « Clothing ImpulseBig Bang TheoryGoogle knows what's up.Big Bang Theory Knock Knock Knock Penny Women’s Juniors Tee « Clothing Impulse

Big Bang TheorySoft Kitty, Warm KittyThe Big Bang TheoryAmy MoustacheBig Bang Theory!!The Big Bang Theory Names…Big Bang Theory big-bang-theory

Hope you Have a Juggling Wuggling day