Thursday, 5 September 2013

DIY's for brittle and damaged hair

Hey guy,

FEWWW I'm done with exams (for now). It has been a stressful year and yet the stress is not even over yet. Now it is stressing about if I have passed and then it is stressing about finals. EEECKK!! But for now I will try and destress and just chill. It is too weird :/ I don't know what to do with myself haha but it is nice not to worry about tasks and exams and stuff :D.

Back to todays post.

So my hair has been in such bad shape the past while. The tips are so brittle and yukkie. So me being a Home remedies gal, I started doing all different things to my hair.

First I did a Mayo treatment
I just put it on and left it on for about 30mins then washed it of it did make my hair feel a bit better but only till I washed it again. :(

A week later I did a hot oil treatment

Vitamin E, olive oil and coco oil (can be wrong I forgot the name). You can use any oils you want just mix together, heat up, but on hair and wrap head with warm towel. Leave this on for 30 minutes and go wash of ( rinse nicely as oil might not come off). This worked better than the mayo but my hair still was not 100%  and after a few days back to normal (brittle)

AND then EGG:

I absolutely do NOT recommend this  one. I put the egg on my hair as a shampoo and when I got out of the shower my hair was even worse than it was to start with it felt like hay.

To fix this my mom told me to put on Annique Moisture mask, I did this left over night and after I washed my hair felt so much better, I put it on again a few days later and better again but still my tips was in horrid yukky shape.

Lastly Castor oil.

WOW this worked soooo well my hair feels so soft and amazing. This gave me the best results (I think ) of all my treatments. I put it on before I went to bed. Just but a towel over your  pillow as your hair is very greasy. It is quite terrible to apply as it is very thick and sticky :/ but its worth the effort. Castor oil is also an amazing treatment to make your hair grow. So if you don't want longer hair avoid putting it on the scalp. Also rinse nicely as it is also hard to get out and my leave you with greasy oily if not rinsed properly.

Just note I did not try all these things after each other give your hair time to rest.  An remember different things work for different people. I hope this has helped you and you hair :)



Tuesday, 3 September 2013


hey amazing peeps LONG time.

Wow its been to long I've missed blogging tooo much!!' Been hectic here in the world of Anschke hahaha.

As you all know my sister got married :) If you didn't know that now you do hahaha. Here is some pics 4 you guys! :)

off to the Salon

they are late oooh dear

she can't hear 

my stunning Cuzzy! 

sister waiting for her hair to be done


And juice 4 the pregnant lady ( my cuzzy/makeup artist)
Sorry its blurry :/
her dressed and ready getting her phodies taken

Maid of honour getting ready

first dance

Speech. Oh the poor guy lol

Yolandie and her hubby

cake topper 

And thats most of it :) it was a beautiful wedding Larissa looked beyond pretty.
sorry for the short post got to get back to studying :( tomorrow is last exam for a while so hopefully I will blog a bit more :D
Peace and love