Friday, 1 March 2013

Oscars 2013

Hey guys,

Happy Friday :D  Well the Oscars was on Sunday evening and I thought I'd share with you what I thought about the Fashion that was on the Red Carpet. Oh its one of my BIGGEST dreams to go to the Oscars and have a POOFIE dress on. Hopefully I won't trip and fall like Jenifer Lawrence did, shame I felt so sorry for her, but she was great just laughing and making jokes. 

On the left is Louise Roe with a stunning dress I love the colours and how it fits her. In the middle is Nancy O'dell this is my Fav out of the 3 I love the blue and it fits her perfectly. Then on the right is Shaun Robinson the idea of the dress is stunning but I personally think it is to tight and does not suit her at all.


On the waaay left is Charlize Theron a shout out from all the South Africans. she looks stunning in the white and it fits her perfectly. Then it's Jenifer Lawrence in a lovely ball gown dress. Next it is Amanda Seyfried this detail is beautiful but not sure if I like this one so much. Last I don't know who this is sorry (my knowledge of actresses and actors are limited). But wow how elegant does she look  I want a dress like that. 

   The fall sure no one will ever forget this. She has made a stamp on Oscar history.

And also

Naomi Watts I love sparkles meaning I LOVE this dress the top is so cool and different and it all fits her beautifully.

MEN'S looks 

Isn't he just ohhhh lala sexy ??? Chaning looks so handsome in his suit (well what guy doesn't?). NOTE guys most girls love guys in suits ;) and with him his stunning wife Jenna Dewan.

 THe host looking great Seth looking great :) 


Anne Hathaway I'm not fond of the dress at all. But Anne rocks so we'll just forget about this one haha.

Well that all for now let me know what you thought of the looks:). And also please Subscribe to my blog :)



Thursday, 28 February 2013

Weekend makeup


YAY almost It's WEEEEEEKKKEEEENNNDDD BABY!!! :D I hope you guys have a amazing time.

Sorry I didn't post most of the week my Gmail is acting all weird and stuff :/ very irritating. But hopefully it is fixed now :D

Here is some makeup ideas for you to put on this weekend :)

Some looks if you want to be noticed :
.Super Nova look by Bows and Curtseysso prettymidnightgreen blue glitter and purpleWant to try!

Then for a bit more not boooooom in your face :

Evening MakeupSmoky eye with a touch of purpleEyeshadow

BE safe this weekend please :)


Anschke xx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013



Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend I certainly did. I went to my amazing bff on Friday and slept over and chilled wit her most of Saturday.

Today's post is going to be all about craziness that happened on Saturday evening with me and my cousin Shants on bbm.

So it all happened quarter past 8 when she told me her hubby was at work and kids in bed. I naturally said aww wish I was there with her to keep her company. She  said, "I'd have to wear a nappy, otherwise I'd pee myself, we would probably get quite wacky when we're left on our own."  Ahhhh yes that is where it began...   I said I'm probably going to need one to. Haha can you see it to people running around in nappies some craaaazzzyyy stuff there. It is so crazy we might do it record it and put it on youtube for everyone to enjoy. (don't you just love to make people laugh??)  If one day we do do this and go viral in 5 seconds oh do know you heard it first on this blog. Shants my Teletubby :D haha. (go check her blog out here)

" Smart people might share there sums, but we, we share our CRAZINESS"- me

You might be thinking I'm soooo calling a coo-cooo doctor in a white jacket to give me a fashionable jacket that makes me hug myself and send me and her to the loony toon  bin. It's ok no need to I've got a load of them here in my white round room with no windows and doors. Haha no I'm joking I'm not crazy my mom had me tested :) hahaha

Have a wonderful week guys hope you don't think I'm tooooo crazy lol and I hope it made sense.


Anschke xx