Friday, 31 May 2013

FRIDAY!! AKA facts friday

Hey HEY,

Wow I am so sorry for not posting all week it has been a hectic week. Monday was my birthday, unfortunately I had to do school work and then had to go to work the afternoon. At least I had cake (thanks Tanja) also I just want to say THANK you to all the wonderful wishes it really made my day to read them all!!

The rest of the week flew by so fast as studying, writing speeches, reading and well yes that is all how exciting :D (NOT).

I am proud to announce that my cousin Yolandie is a Published writer of an awesome book. You can buy is here and you can go check out her blog post here if you want to find out more about it! (Oh the coolest thing is she said if they ever make it into a movie I can play the lead role) #muchexcited.

HERE are some facts for you (Laugh not spelt correctly though hahaha )

Enjoy your weekend :)


Anschke Xx