Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tyler Ward - The Rescue

Hey guys,

I was browsing around on Youtube and found this video:

A while back at our church we talked about not focusing on the black dot. If you look at this picture what do you see?? If you answered a black dot your wrong, it is a black dot surrounded by white. We always look at the bad thing in life and forget to focus on all the positive things in your life. Like i said in the you are loved post you need to let that black dot go.

In the beginning of the video they are showing things that bother them, that they are struggling with. Then it turns to LOVE, and thing they are grateful for. Always remember the great things in life before judging God for the few negative things in your life. A quote I read the other day said: If you never thank God after every smile.... Then why do you blame him for every tear??

Remember to smile for what you have.


Anschke xx 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My hair DREAMS

Like I said in yesterdays post I want to change my hair so here we go enjoy

I was thinking maybe in the end of May (a bday prezzy from me to me) I will go to a salon and do a Dip dye look

OR something a bit more normal an Ombre, this depends on what my dad says about the wacky colours, if he says no I shall go for the Ombre with brown and blond :)

Something like this...

This is also pretty but I'll do that another time 

SOOOOOOO please let me know what you think will suit me or which one you like more :D . Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow me :D


Anschke xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

DIY Highlights


Over the weekend I tried putting in some highlight !!TRIED!! it was a fail nothing really happened. This is weird because my hair is blonde and the colour I wanted to put in was brown :/ But I shall not give up i will be trying it again when my mom dyes her hair (and if there is dye left I'm sure there will be because her hair is short). I'll keep you updated :) but see tomorrows blog to see what I might be doing to my hair in the end of May month.

Moving swiftly along before I start crying in my failure :( haha hear we go.

What you need:
Dye cap,
A hook needle thingy to pull the hair through (think you can get it in the same isle as the cap if not go borrow your grans crochet needle)
Dye ( I used Reflections Highlighting set I do recommend that you don't use it  the Reflection rage over all doesn't really work)

Sorry forgot to take a before photo.

 Step one: part hair as you normally do, put cap on and pull hair through.
NOTE your hair need to be damp before pulling through depending on what you use, just do as the dye packet instructions say.

Step two: mix the dye, and feel like a scientist (Try not tho inhale keep doors open and windows if you can) stir till all the lumps are out

 Step three : apply thoroughly on hair that is pulled through. Depending on what the instructions says wait that time. I had to wait 10m but left it on longer 

The end result you can see a bit of a colour difference but not what I expected :(. AND it look orange not brown??

That's that for now tune in tomorrow :) thanks for taking time to read, if you are a regular reader PLEASE follow me ! I will really appreciate it! 


Anschke xx