Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gift wrapping


So this is my last blog post for the year :). I just want to thank everyone who read my blog over the year. I hope you guys have a wonderful christmas and new year. And I hope 2014 is full of blessing, fun times and memories. Life is short enjoy every moment of it.

Here is some gift wrapping ideas to close off my blog for the year. ENJOY

So creative!  You could even "find" the person to whom the present is intended for...

DIY doily stenciled wrapping paper #christmas

Wrap gifts with recipients photo.. #giftwrapping #christmas

Gift wrap

Gabby Douglas: Paper flowers for packages or anything else.... ooorrrr snowflakes! :) :)


Anschke Xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

DIY gifts

DIY Chrismtas Gifts | Snowman made of baby jars filled with mini marshmallows, hot chocolate and mints. More combinations possible. || Kleine Gläser gefüllt mit Marshmallows, Schokoladenpulver und kleinen Mints. Viele Kombinationen sind möglich.
HEY guys,

So I did say I will do a christmas countdown blog post, but I decided it is to late in december to blog about that now.

But here is a post about christmas gift ideas you can make from home. Easy and fun ideas :)

DIY Ombre Candles - 30 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

DIY your christmas gifts

cute DIY gift idea! Write on with a sharpie and bake! Give as a gift with coffee or hot chocolate fixings! Yumm!

Christmas Gifts in a Jar -  Manicure Set
Cute for the girls in your family

Home decor piano wall hanger por popRenaissance en Etsy #diy #gift #christmas

This DIY tufted memo board at Positively Splendid is gorgeous, and it can be made with absolutely any frame! Perfect for displaying Christmas cards and photos.

DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub (with printable labels!) #Christmas #Homemade

Christmas cookies in a jar with free printable tags

Cute Homemade Christmas Gifts - Revitalize for the Holiday - Click pic for 25 DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Family - Ice Cream Sundae Hamper - Click pic for 25 DIY Gift Baskets Ideas

B-Day gift for Connie-Glass block frame, buy at Michaels add family photo in pretty frame, and shells and family sticker, top with bow.

DIY Thankful Photo Board with FREE Printable letters... So sweet! LOVE it! Fun gift idea too  @Tess Pias Pias Pias Pias Schoening --I'm thinking these would make awesome christmas gifts--cute and super cheap!!great DIY ideas...need to make this one asap for some grandmas i know = )

Awesome DIY Christmas gift:  framed photo of grandma with her trademark recipe - post has link for editable recipe card.

Fabric Doorstop Gifts From Scraps | Mum's Business

Leuk als versiering op een feestje. Als iemand 30 wordt, zoveel jaar getrouwd is, etc.

rice bag foot away with you, cold feet! Another pinned said: "I started making these rice bags for everyone at Christmas a few years ago and the family loves them. They use them almost daily. I hit the jackpot on this | http://menswear-inspiredwatch.blogspot.com

Make by cutting a stick of the desired circumference for the circles, then wood burn the names, etc. into it.
This one is one of my favorite ones. Your families birthdays and anniversaries. 
PEAce and LOVE