Monday, 18 February 2013

Some cute pics


O yet again it Monday :( and we say bye the the weekend. I had a awesome weekend, on Friday I went to drama which I LOOOOVVVVEEE! Saturday afternoon we went to my aunt and had some family time (nothing better than Family always laughs with mine :D Friends come and go but family is forever). Saturday evening we and by we i mean my two sisters my bro to be and my cousin and her hubby went to the Chinese  new years in somewhere I forgot where. WOW what an experience it was amazing and i felt like a kid in a candy store or something like that :D. My cousin is going to share some of her pic on her blog tomorrow I'll put a link up then.

 But here is some cute and funny pics to get you though the week ahead :D.

Nap-time. by jimmie.Love all the sand on the little nose...Baby Yoda Pandas~

A bassett hound puppy :)=)True loveteeheeCuteBaby HippoAWW

Have a stunning week :)



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