Tuesday, 26 February 2013



Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend I certainly did. I went to my amazing bff on Friday and slept over and chilled wit her most of Saturday.

Today's post is going to be all about craziness that happened on Saturday evening with me and my cousin Shants on bbm.

So it all happened quarter past 8 when she told me her hubby was at work and kids in bed. I naturally said aww wish I was there with her to keep her company. She  said, "I'd have to wear a nappy, otherwise I'd pee myself, we would probably get quite wacky when we're left on our own."  Ahhhh yes that is where it began...   I said I'm probably going to need one to. Haha can you see it to people running around in nappies some craaaazzzyyy stuff there. It is so crazy we might do it record it and put it on youtube for everyone to enjoy. (don't you just love to make people laugh??)  If one day we do do this and go viral in 5 seconds oh do know you heard it first on this blog. Shants my Teletubby :D haha. (go check her blog out here)

" Smart people might share there sums, but we, we share our CRAZINESS"- me

You might be thinking I'm soooo calling a coo-cooo doctor in a white jacket to give me a fashionable jacket that makes me hug myself and send me and her to the loony toon  bin. It's ok no need to I've got a load of them here in my white round room with no windows and doors. Haha no I'm joking I'm not crazy my mom had me tested :) hahaha

Have a wonderful week guys hope you don't think I'm tooooo crazy lol and I hope it made sense.


Anschke xx

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