Friday, 19 July 2013



I know I said my next post will be about my trip to Mozambique. Unfortunately this is not about my trip sorry !! hopefully I'll post next week.

Today I will share some random pics.

  ✯ Autumn GlowBeautiful✯ DominicanInfinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees, EnglandVesturhorn, Iceland • James Appleton PhotographyMaldivesbeautiful eyes foxA Cute & Cuddly Koala ~  "But" Don't Get One Angry ~ Cute & Cuddly goes right out the door!!showWandering the GoodMoon, sun, stars

HAVE a blessed weekend

Anschke Xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hey guys,

Once again it has been a long time what a busy few weeks a have had. I will hopefully post tomorrow on my trip to Mozambique last week :).

Wow so just yesterday I read my Cousin's blog on Talia. I have heard of her before yesterday as well but got a bit more about her story on the post. <-- click on that link for more.


 I can honestly say when I read that blog I was in tears. And then hours later she got her wings :(.

To think that a little body like that can go through so much. she was 4 years younger than me. That got me thinking what have I done in my life? I have so many dreams but I'm not doing anything to get to the place I want to be. What are most people's excuse my age and younger? we are to young no one will take us seriously. Well sorry to say if a 13 year old can do so much in her life and on top of that she had cancer you excuse is invalid!! So if you have dreams go out and pursue them and don't let anyone stop you!!

Talia Castellano RIP your legacy will be left in this world for years to come!! 

Thoughts and prayers go out to Talia's Family and friends

Also Cory Monteith RIP!! Glee won't be the same without you!! 

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and Fiance!!