Thursday, 7 November 2013

Update and Pirates of the caribbean parody

GOOD day matey (pirate voice)

LONG time, gosh I've missed blogging but life on this side has been busy. And honestly when I do have time, I'm a bit lazy or I have no idea what I want to blog about.

I'm busy writing exams. Can you believe it I never have to pick up a tourism or a english poem book again. Tourism I enjoyed doing, but poetry... MY WORD ! I don't really get it. haha why would I know why the poet used the colour blue instead of pink. But at least that is over for now. just my afrikaans poems next year then I don't have to try and understand poetry ever again. I know there is people who enjoy it. So don't get me wrong if you like it, good for you. I really do take my hats off for you guys.

I still have to write english paper 2 this paper, will be about the prescribed books I read this year. And answers are all essay questions (not really looking forward to this one). And also I'm still writing business paper 1 & 2. Both in one day :/ the two business exams are the two I realllllyyyyyy am most scared of. I hate business and it is the hardest subject :(. BUT when thats done (if I pass), it is done forever and ever!! I think after business I'm going throw a party to celebrate it.

Dear business I am so going to get revenge for this year :P 

Anyway today I will be sharing with you a little video parody. Made by the Hillywood show. They are awesome go check them out on youtube. This is one of their newest work. I would love to be able to do things like this. :) Acting is one of my passions. I will try and make a short thing one day and post it :D hehe. 

 AWESOME HEY??? Let me know what you think :)


Anschke Xx

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