Monday, 11 November 2013

hair styles for short hair

Hey guys,

I have short hair. The worst thing about it is there is not a lot of options for you when you want to style your hair. So I thought I will post some ideas for you :).

Short Hair #Updo TutorialNoted for the next October festival: DIY Chop Chop Hairstyle
Braided hairstyle for short hair. For more inspired DIY hair,
you can do a french braid and at the end just pin it
(instead of tiring it). this is a look I love to do. You can
do side braids or one at the top or three. I will do a post on
my different types of braids some time. 
Hairstyle DIYBraid-Bun Rapped In BraidChignon Hairstyle With Side Waves | hairstyles tutorialShort Story

hope this helps. Just remember you might not get it right the first time I know it took me a while to be able to do some looks.


Anschke Xx


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