Friday, 2 August 2013

WEDDING galore

Hey hey,

WOW my BIG sis is getting married in a week and a day!! SOOOO excited. I'm a bridesmaid which is the pinnacle of my excitement because I have never in my life been one. (also not been to a lot of weddings but anywho).

My sister MSR. Percival, it fits you :). So if you have read this you would kinda know I love my family to bits and I'd do anything for them. now this wedding is not only exciting because my stunning sis will be getting married, and because I am a bridesmaid but also it is like a mini family reunion :) (not really mini our fam is pretty big). SUPER DUPER LOOPER GROOPER(don't know why I'm on earth excuse me i'm excited).

Well moving on swiftly I just want to say:

Dear sister,

whooo hooo almost time!! You are going to make a stunning bride and Eugene (her hubby to be) is going to be at a loss of words when he see's you!!

I hope for the best in you life together.

God bless you to!!



Bride on the right then maid of honer (my cuzzy) the meh other sister also brides maid then me
me doing her makeup bwahaha *evil laugh*

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