Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Despicable me :)

Hey hey,

Despicable me, this is one of my all time favorite movies. Little Agnes is the cutest little thing I love her and my all time fav line out of the move is *drum roll*  "It's SSOOOO fluffy I'm gonna die soooooo FLUFFYYYY!!!!!" I bet you guessed that one before i said it lol.

I really can not wait for Despicable me to :D unfortunately it is only released on July 5th in South Africa, and even worse I have winter school that week so I will have to wait even longer :'(!!!

I shall be sharing some pics and quotes from the movie :D enjoy!

I got this off IMDb This is in the second movie it is so sweet don't you think?

Agnes: I know what makes you a boy. 
Gru: [turns to Agnes] Uh... You do? 
Agnes: The bald head. 
Gru: Oh, yes. 
Agnes: [creates an imaginary line around the head of a confused Gru] It's really smooth. Sometimes I stare at it, I imagine a little chick popping out. 
[imitates a chick hatchling
Agnes: Peep-peep-peep-peep. 
Gru: Good night, Agnes. 
[gives Agnes a good night kiss
Gru: Never get older.

And some from the first movie:

Agnes: Pinkie promise? 
Gru: Oh yes, my pinkie promises. 

Margo: Hello? Cookies for sale! 
Gru: Go away, I'm not home! 
Margo: Uh, yes, you are. I heard you. 
Gru: No, you didn't. This... is a recording. 
Margo: [scoffs] No, it isn't. 
Gru: Yes, it is. Watch this. Leave a message. Beep! 
[Edith kicks the door, causing Gru to scream in pain
Agnes: Goodbye, recorded message. 
Margo: [off-screen] Agnes, come on! 

Gru: Clearly we need to set some rules. Rule number one: You will not touch anything. 
Margo: Aha. What about the floor? 
Gru: Yes, you may touch the floor. 
Margo: What about the air? 
Gru: Yes, you may touch the air. 
Edith: What about this? 
[holds a ray gun in her hands, the laser sight aimed right at Gru
Edith: [Gru looks at laser gun that Edith is holding
Gru: [screams, holding a frying pan for protection] Where did you get that? 
Edith: Found it. 
[Gru takes it away from her
Gru: Okay, rule number two: You will not bother me while I'm working. Rule number three: You will not cry, or whine, or laugh, or giggle, or sneeze or barf or fart! So no, no, no annoying sounds. All right? 
Agnes: Does this count as annoying? 
[lets go of Margo's hand and puckles her cheeks
Gru: [Stops Agnes] Very! 
[sighs iritated
Gru: I will see you in six hours. 
[leaves the kitchen

Young Gru: Look, Mom, I drew a picture of me landing on the moon. 
Gru's Mom: Eh. 
Young Gru: Look, Mom, I made a prototype of a rocket out of macaroni. 
Gru's Mom: Eh. 
Young Gru: Look, Mom, I built a real rocket based on the macaroni prototype. 
[Fires rocket
Gru's Mom: [holds her breath in amazement for a moment] ... Eh. 

Hope you had a laugh heehe now I want to watch it again :D 


Anschke Xx

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