Friday, 5 April 2013

New things :D


Sorry for not posting a lot this week been lazy and busy. I'll try to post more next week. Please follow my blog I will really appreciate it. To Landy and Tanja tnx for following you guys ROCK!!

Today I went to Dischem, if you don't live in South Africa it is like a pharmacy and or drugstore not quite if that is correct. The reason I went was to go buy a highlighting cap and yes I came back with more than that one cap :P NOTE: I love buying stuff. So this is what I bought:

This is essence's forget it 3 in 1 concealer. the green (it looks blue) is
against redness, pink is used against circles around the eyes (I don't have that),
and lastly the beige is used against blemishes :D whoop whoop

Stripper nail polish from LA colors Art Deco. Purple dark green (I
thought it was black but my eyes deceived my), sparkly blue, and a
pink. The reason I bought this was because it was R40 for 4 and one
 is R24.95 and I go crazy for sales! hahaha LOVE IT!! 

A colour mask for blonde hair from Natur Vatal. I'm hoping it takes out the
 orangeyness is my hair(I dye it blonde) I've been looking for a Conditioner that
 take the orange out. If you know of something please let me know :D  

AND lastly my SAXY (sexy) new hat haha. If you don't
know what on EARTH it is, it is a highlighting cap you
put it on pull hair through and dye 

I will let you know how these products work and if they are recommended and as soon as my highlight (well lowlights) are in I shall post a pic. If I remember I will take some picture during the process and put the on as well.   

Have a STUNNING weekend and be safe!! 


Anschke Xx

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