Monday, 18 March 2013

New Juggling Clubs

Heyyyy :)

 Sorry for the late post was super busy today. Rather late than never I say. Like I said in my previous post I got juggling clubs on Wednesday last week. I was beyond excited gosh it was such  big surprise I didn't know of it till my mom and dad gave me the packet. My first reaction was "Is that what I think it is." (the shape and size gave it away) I was jumping around the house like a bunny who drank 10 Redbulls. The sad part was I couldn't really juggle them because the weather was all rainy and such, and the next day I had to do school work and in the afternoon I went to work. But Friday it was me and them for most of the day hehehe. I'm not to good at it yet but I'll get there practice makes perfect :D. Here they are:


Juggle clubs

ME and my clubs sorry don't know how to rotate the :)

There you go :) hope you enjoyed it.

Peace and Love


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