Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter DIY's

Hey guys,

With Easter around the corner I thought I'd share some DIY project that you could do to include in your Easter hunt.

For Easter...It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside!This is very cute if you want your kids to wonder how on earth did you get it right. First put chocolate egg (Small) in to a balloon, blow balloon up as big as you want. Then wrap yarn around after yarn was put in a glue mixture. When it is dry you can pop balloon and remove it. You can use any colour yarn you want. I do think the more colour the better :P

It a perfect Ester treat for little ones!DIY Easter "carrot" snacksI think this is cheaper than buying loads of chocolate (also healthier). Buy salt cookies like these in top or Nicnacks (chips) also plastic icing bags (I think it's that) you can probably use normal plastic bags but it won't look so cool. Fill bags up and close it. then hide around house.

This one is for adult maybe for a dinner party or something.
Easter - Very cute idea. Could make it into an Easter fortune cookie (egg). Right? If you'd like - you could put in quotes from the bible. Sweet way to celebrate the Holiday.
Make a small hole on the top of the egg and remove the content. Paint egg any way you want. write a short message on a small piece of paper role it up and put into the small hole used to get content out. A cute way to keep guests busy and laughing (you can also put in joke). PS don't let the egg go to waist use it in a dish for the party :) enjoy

 rubber band dyed easter eggsA cute little tie die egg. Put rubber bands around and dunk egg, then put some more around and sunk in a other colour.

Well that's that for now :) enjoy prepping for Easter

And I just want to Give a big CONGRATS to my cousin Yolandie and her hubby Jan. You guys will make great parents. God sent the little Jellybean is to a wonderful couple and is very blessed :) love you guys tons!!! 


Anschke xx 

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