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Hair growth remedies


So, it is a new year once again. I can personally say I am both scared and very excited for this year. Why do I have these mixed feeling? well it is my IT IS MY LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL eeeck!! It is pretty scary to think next year I will have to go into the big world and study. So much different feeling, and can just imagine this year is going to be pretty emotional.

But enough about me!

Happy new year guys!! hope this year is very awesome for all of you! Thanks to everyone who read my posts last year. I appreciate it a lot!! And please feel free to follow my blog :D

Back to the post of today.

Do you want to grow your hair? Did you get a bad haircut? Did the hair dresser trim too much off?? Tired of the short hair? Or just want to thinkin up your hair?

If any of the above questions suit you? Then this post is just for you.

I have tried most of these and they work. Just remember it will not just transform your hair to Rapunzel overnight so just hang in there and do it regularly.

#1 Castor Oil. (also great for hair in bad condition just add over whole head)
It is very thick and Yukky to put on but it works, so in my eyes it is totally worth it.All you do is apply it to your roots and voila, you can sleep with it or just wait a few hours and then you
can go wash it off ( I recommend a very
 very hot shower to get all the oil out).
do this once a week
#2 A concoction. 

                                               This is a mixture of, Bay Rum, Placenta spray
                                                and Bergamonts essence. mix it all together.
                                               (What I usually do is put half the mixture in the 
                                               placenta bottle and the other half in the bay rum's
                                               bottle). Shake before use. Spray it to the roots 
                                              whenever you want. It does have a funny smell so 
                                              try to spray it on at nights or when you do not go out.

#3 Hot oil treatment.
This treatment is a bit more work than the others but works 
very well. Some people has
claimed it made their hair grow up to 4 inches in a week.
Mine grew 0.5 cm to 1cm (round about) in 3 days.

This you must do a whole week for the results to come fast. 
But you can do it once a week.
Heat up the olive oil, (enough to cover your roots)
 not too hot it must still be touchable. 
When hot apply to roots.
After that it is time to hang upside down for 4-5 minute
(just hang over your bed, or whatever is comfortable for you)
After hanging leave it on for two hours and wash off.
 Do this every day for a week and see results immediately)
#4 Massaging. 
Give your scalp a regular massage to get blood 
flowing in your head making hair grow faster.

#5 Coconut oil ( I have not tried this) 

Put Olive oil in your hair before you go to sleep 
and rinse out the next morning. It is also a 
great conditioner for hair and leaves it nice
and soft.

#6 Supplements 
Taking hair growth supplements will help your hair to grow 
as well.

Well thats all for now. hope this helped. Please just remember different hair reacts differently, so try for a month or two if it does not work move on to the next treatment, But in personal experience all of these worked for me so hope they all work for you too. Also another note if you go sleep with oily things in your hair I advise you to put a towel over your pillow to protect it.



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