Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter nail Tutorial in 7 easy steps.

Hey guys,

It's almost easter, what make it more fun?? Having nails to go with the holiday :) so here we go.

Step one: file your nails and paint a clear nail polish over.

Step two: paint your nails. make your ring finger preferably green but your other nails it doesn't matter, any pastel colour would word. (my pink isn't really pastel)

Step three: take your stripper and outline a bunny head oval shape as the head and two ears.  

Step four : I made a stripe in the middle with small lines going up and down on both sides of the line. (see on picture)

Step five: colour the bunny in with white I went over the ear lines by accident. 

Step six: I used the stripper and made my ear again, and added eyes and a mouth,

Step seven: clear top coat.

Afterwards I cleaned the sides of my nail with a ear-bud and nail-polish remover.

There you go. hope you get it right this is my first attempt at making a bunny, so if i can do it so can you! Good Luck. Send me some pics when your done :) 


Anschke xx

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