Tuesday, 12 February 2013



Long time no blog, sorry about that ( for whom ever reads my blog regularly) I've been hectically busy with school work and when I had a open time I was to tired to type anything and then BOOOOOOOOOM while i was writing this post the internet decided to go bye bye :/. Well I'm back and this post is going to be HIP HOP and HAPPENING. Hopefully I will be able a bit more regularly.

Well if your a Big bang theory fan you probably noticed by the name what is going on :D hey hey hey?????? :D So yes Sheldon is the most amazingly funny and smart person ever :) I love the guy and then Amy came along as well ag the two of the are so cute together(although Amy has a slight girl crush on Penny).

Hope you guys Share your love in this amazing TV show. Here is some Pics :) i got from my Big Bang Theory board on pinterest.

LOL!The Big Bang Theory Keep Calm and Bazinga Mens Tee « Clothing ImpulseBig Bang TheoryGoogle knows what's up.Big Bang Theory Knock Knock Knock Penny Women’s Juniors Tee « Clothing Impulse

Big Bang TheorySoft Kitty, Warm KittyThe Big Bang TheoryAmy MoustacheBig Bang Theory!!The Big Bang Theory Names…Big Bang Theory big-bang-theory

Hope you Have a Juggling Wuggling day


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