Saturday, 22 June 2013

LONG time


Long time no post. Wow I've been missing blogging sooo much and in the time I've been gone I reached 2100 views :D You guys rock!! I have been so busy with school it is scary :( but one more week then I will be on my first holiday of the year #excitedmuch?? As I am writing this I'm busy with a task and a speech that needs to be done before tomorrow YAY?? haha..  The week to come is going to be a tough one, it is winter school time and First thing monday I will writing an exam for my english an Essay, It is quite stressful because if I fail this one I can't go on with my English for the year. EEEEECCK!! PLEASE think of me this week :)

Oh this holiday is going to be amazing, no worrying about school just me and my brain resting up for 2 weeks YES PLEASE! I am so tired mentally and physically this is exactly what I need!! What will I be doing this holiday you might ask?? I am going to my drama studio's Arts Fest where we learn all types of cool stuff. AAANNND then I am going to Mozambique for a wonderful outreach in the Gaza. This will be my 8th time going this year :D.. Unfortunately my Amazing parentals won't be able to go this year ( they also missed it in 2011) . It will be strange without them but me and my big sis will survive!
Here are some pics from last year:
Me in Moz

An amazing sunset


It is amazing to see the little town we help at grow each year. So heart warming.

Well Thats my life for you :) hopefully I will be able to blog more often after next week :D 


Anschke Xx

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