Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Strangely cool makeup


Hope you guys had a lovely day so far?? Mine was quite a drag till just now when I got my marks back for my one maths test I did last term. I was like jumping around like a Kangaroo. To tell you the truth I've been struggling with school this year and the marks always discouraged me, like working your but off and then getting bad marks who wouldn't be discouraged. MATHS!!! the subject I hate the most and I'ts the best mark thus far. Ok it isn't like in the 80's or 90's but I don't care :D super happy YAY!!!! Now that I got that off of my shoulders here is the post for today.

I love makeup and all the weird and wacky makeup people do. If it was more normal and people won't want to put me in a mental hospital if I wore it, yes I'd wear some (just some) of these looks.  Enjoy :)

I will actually wear this out  :D so cool

What do you think??? :D 

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Anschke Xx

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