Friday, 24 May 2013

Facts friday: Jennifer Lawrence


It is facts friday again. :D Today I shall be doing facts on Jennifer Lawrence. This lady is really one of the coolest actresses she isn't fake and she really is very funny. One day is I grow up to be a famous actress I would love to be like her.

her height is 1.7 m (5'7" foot)

Born on 15 August 1990

Siblings :2 brothers and one sister-in-law.

She graduated from high school two years earlier to begin her acting career and her average was 3.9.

She auditioned for Bella in twilight.

She wants to start directing

She was the first girl to be born on her fathers side in 50 years.

She made a guest appearance on the show Monk, she was a mascot.

She wanted to be a doctor when she grew up.

Things You Can Learn About Eating From Jennifer Lawrence
AMEN to that one! 

Her nickname while growing up was 'Nitro' because she was so hyper.

She has a Yorkshire terrier named Alden

Well thats all for now guys hope you enjoyed learning some interesting facts of Jennifer Lawrence. :) I love how she doesn't care what the press says and eats as much as she wants when she want (another fact.).
MANY things taste better than "skinny."

Hope you guys have an awesomely awesome weekend keep safe.


Anschke Xx

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