Tuesday, 30 April 2013

African Wild Animals= BEAUTY

Hey guys :D

Hope you had a lovely weekend!! Saturday was pretty fun, went shopping with meh daddy, then we went to my cousin Yolandie for her hubby's bday was nice seeing them, although it wasn't nice seeing her not feeling well :( stupid morning sickness leave her alone, and then lastly we went to drink coffee with my other cousin, which turned out as a late lunch as well thanks Tisha!! Then on Sunday we had church, lunch and then I was off to youth, the power was out and the band decided to do worship outside. 3 acoustic guitars and drums sounded awesome, we also played minute to win it! I sucked at most of it but it was super fun!!!! And that was my weekend..

Wow nature is wonderful isn't it?? check out these pics:) Africa ROCKS no doubt about it!

Got these pics off of Pintrest stunning hey???

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Anschke Xx

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