Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shoes Galore

HEY hey HEY!!

Good morning hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday.

One of the thing that makes me very happy is shoes. I am extremely fussy about shoes, for example it can look stunning in the front but if the heel is to thick it is a NO NO, wedges I also despise also I don't like those shoes with the very thick I don't know what you call it sole?? Well here is an example for you.
Gold Glitter Shoes #shoes, #gold, #fashion, #bestofpinterest, a touch of metallic glamour! shoes by Gio Diev.If you do like any of these I'm sorry, I don't want to offend you in any way. the good thing about life is taste differ and if all of us liked the same it we will be boring.

Here are some shoes I LOVE!!

Party shoes for a glam mum | eBay UK
Lace up oxford heels
this is a wedge oh but i love the look
of it in front.
    Black Booties.Pin Up Heels / JustFabShoos Boots.

Some shoe Closets I want

Shoes, shoes, shoes!Turn a Bookshelf into a Shoe Rack! This is one of those "why didnt I ever think of that" moments...Oh my gosh. Shoe closet?!Shoe closet


Dogo shoes Love Way Flats #shoes #flats #braid #bicycle #love #way #dogo #dogostore #dogoshoesBright Around the Corner Flat in Hot Pink - Pink, Solid, Bows, Flat, CasualStripe Gold Flat by Lucky - Flat, Multi, Stripes, CasualModClothYoga Session FlatStella Shoes > FlatsdELiAs > Carrie Skimmer > shoes > flats



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Anschke xx

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