Thursday, 10 January 2013

Juggle Juggle Juggle :D

Hi there peeps!!

So late last year I found my new love!! It is (if  you haven't noticed my title today).... *Drum roll* Juggling! :D It's soooo fun and you can do it with anything! From balls, clubs, fire, sticks, swords, fruit, bottles, glasses, man anything you want.

I've been juggling for about 2 months now, and don't think I'll ever stop! So i thought I'll let you see some of the wonderful equipment :D
(got pics off of Google images )

There we go!! Amazing and pretty hey?? One day i hope to have all these things in my collection!!
I bet this blog is going to be full of juggling things and might start a howto juggle series!

have a juggling wuggling day!!

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